Altar Boyz By Davine Productions

Altar Boyz

Presented by Davine Interventionz Productions

Adelaide… finally it’s time for a Second Coming of Altar Boyz.

October 23 to November 2, 2013 will see the return of this Off Broadway Award Winning Musical Comedy. Altar Boyz is set to once again grace the stage of Star Theatre One, Sir Donald Bradman Drive ten more ‘one night only’ performances.

Presented by Davine Interventionz this show represents a small success story; “It’s the first show I’ve directed in Adelaide, and it’s the first time I’ve gone out on my own to produce and create a show” says David Gauci founder of the company. Don’t be fooled however, David is no ‘New Kid On The Block’ he has been involved with theatre in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide over the past 20 years. “This has been a project I’ve wanted to get on stage and put my mark on since I heard about it in New York back in 2006 and I couldn’t be more excited than I am now to put it on in my home town.

Altar Boyz is a musical comedy that tells the ‘Boyz to Men’ story of five young urban type guys, Matthew, Mark, Luke, Juan and Abraham (Yes he’s Jewish!), who meet at a local church and are given divine inspiration to start a boy band and tour the world spreading the good word through ‘Funk and Rhyme’.

Fans of 90’s boy bands like ‘N Sync’, or ‘Boyzone’ and the more recent sensation ‘One Direction’ love reliving their favorite dance moves and concert moments, as the comedy recreates the final night of the fivesome’s ‘Raise The Praise’ tour. The Boyz will perform all their iconic numbers which include lyrics such as ‘Jesus called me on my cell phone’, ‘Girl you make me wanna wait’ and ‘La Vida Eternal’; But as David remarks “…as with any ending, this final show is filled with strong and raw emotions and there are a more than a few confessions that need to be made and absolved.”

After more than 2000 shows off Broadway and winning over a dozen awards it’s time for Adelaide to get a taste of something good from Ohio. So ‘take that’ as a tip, ease on down Sir Donald Bradman Drive, or take the ‘back streets back’ down to the Star theatre One, from October 23, and enjoy a show at the theatre and maybe even take in a little ‘west life’!