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Feb 20th - 2nd March 2019

Musical comedy justice is served in a new CLO Cabaret show featuring catchy tunes, clever lyrics, juicy characters and important roles for audience members throughout the proceedings.

Pittsburgh Post-GazetteReviews from the USA for Judge Jackie: Disorder in the Court


Disorder in the Court!

Based on a concept by Van Kaplan, Judge Jackie rules her reality TV courtroom with an iron fist, presiding over a three-ring circus of America’s most chaotic civil cases.

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Review of 'It's Only Life'

This is a smart and well produced musical revue that embodies not only the beauty of human emotion but the joy that is local theatre done impeccably well.

Rosie van HeerdeThe Clothesline

Review of 'Violet'

I saw this show in New York with Sutton Foster in the lead role, and was much moved by its brilliance. I was no less moved by Davine Interventionz’s production; it stands up to the Broadway one for sheer heart. I strongly recommend that you get to see this. It’s a gem.

Pat H. WilsonGlam Adelaide

Review of 'The Story Of My Life'

Davine Interventionz has put on an incredibly slick and professional production, worthy of its award-winning name. The quality of work from Gauci, Johns, Rodda and Salter within this show is spectacular.

Nathan QuadrioGlam Adelaide

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